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BodyMindLife is a renowned leader in Yoga, Pilates, and holistic wellness. For over two decades, we've curated serene environments dedicated to healing. Our Surry Hills studio, boasting an exceptional team of instructors, offers the ideal setting to rejuvenate, and enjoy. We are here to provide unwavering support and nurture all your wellness aspirations.



Born from a desire to empower reconnection through education, BodyMindLife was established in 2002, and co-founded by yoga teacher and entrepreneur Phil Goodwin.

Phil and his wife Ferique now co-own and run BodyMindLife from their Byron home, raising their young daughter, Gigi. Ferique Brown is an award-winning architect and designer. She has helped to shape the heart of BodyMindLife by designing meaningful spaces with regard to their energetic qualities using sacred geometry to encapsulate healing.

Beyond their contributions to the wellness industry, Phil and Ferique lead a multifaceted lifestyle as organic farmers, tending to vegetable crops and revitalising farmland. Their dedication extends to overseeing a homeschool program benefiting 20 families, tailored to children aged 6 to 12. This initiative prioritises project-based learning and the cultivation of emotional intelligence among young learners.

They are also deeply immersed in cutting-edge technology, with a mission to empower and establish resilient and sustainable micro-communities. Our Byron bay studio is the first example of this in the country

The driving force behind their vision is a profound heart connection that continually ignites their passion for community. Their collective vision is simple: for every individual involved with BodyMindLife, their experience should be a catalyst for personal evolution, connection, and growth.

Image of the co-founders of BodyMindLife Phil and Ferique Goodwin and their daughter Gigi
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Our mission at BodyMindLife revolves around fostering reconnection through mindful movement. We're committed to guiding you as you rediscover your authentic self through yoga and Pilates practice and education. Through our collective studio community, we embody purpose and facilitate positive change.

Our inclusive studios cater to practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced students. We provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at supporting wellness in today's busy world. From yoga and reformer Pilates classes to educational workshops, teacher training, retreats, therapies, community events, corporate wellness programs, business partnerships, and curated retail offerings – we have something to offer everyone on their journey to well-being.



Our journey is driven by a deep commitment to wellness, community, and leveraging technology's potential to elevate the modern studio experience.

At the forefront of this transformative initiative stands Co-Founder, Peter Tippett, guided by a vision to revolutionize the studio landscape. The launch of our website in December 2023 signifies a significant milestone in this dynamic journey.

We embrace the power of technology to simplify and enhance your experience. A notable enhancement is our new real-time payment system, ensuring seamless transactions for teachers, landlords, operations, and the community—building trust and eliminating delays.

Our philosophy centers on recognizing teachers as the heart of BodyMindLife. This inspires our innovative business model, prioritizing empowerment and community.

We're just embarking on this global journey, recognizing the need for evolution in studio management. Technology offers a transformative solution, and we're dedicated to making it a reality.

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Our dedication to sustainability aligns seamlessly with our commitment to your well-being. Our studio boasts a state-of-the-art Hepa 3 air filtration system, ensuring the freshest air quality, coupled with Far Infrared heating to aid in detoxification during your practice.

With environmental stewardship at the forefront, our studio operates on 100% sustainable solar energy. Featuring a robust 20Kw solar array, as well as amenities like bike racks, energy-efficient LED lighting, low-water flush facilities, and rainwater harvesting systems, we prioritize eco-friendly practices.

Select from our array of Yoga, reformer, and mat Pilates classes tailored to either invigorate your body or induce deep relaxation, all while honoring our commitment to sustainability.


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Being human. Finding connection with others, ourselves and our surroundings.

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Our bodies are made to move. We run classes to stretch, move, sweat and meditate.

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Our teachers are some of the best in Australia and abroad, with 100% accreditation.

"BodyMindLife welcomes everyone. We aspire for each individual, whether they spend a day, a week, or five years with us, to witness an enhancement in their life. Our commitment to providing accurate information empowers our teachers, staff, and students to make better lifestyle choices and decisions. As this information is internalised, it transforms into knowledge, and from knowledge arises wisdom. Change is possible no matter what your circumstance or who your are."

Phil Goodwin founder of BodyMindLife Byron Bay

-Phill Goodwin, Founder

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